Rocky Mountain Paintings

In the dead of the winter, I like to remember summer adventures in the mountains, many of which have been captured in sketches and paintings. Heartfelt thanks goes to Brent and Marie for displaying my Rocky Mountain paintings in their gallery. Creating the latest collection made up entirely of my favorite lakes in Banff, Jasper, Yoho National Parks and Mt. Robson Provincial Park, gave me lot of joy. Beauty of those places is stunning. The thrill of seeing an alpine lake for the first time is hard to describe. And each one offers entirely different, uniquely amazing experience. I am already planning yet another trip to the Rockies for the upcoming summer! I could easily spend a lifetime painting those beauties!

Edith Cavell Lake, acrylic, 30x36


  1. Your paintings of the Canadian Rockies take me right back there to when I spent time in Jasper ten years ago. I've lived in the CO Rockies and spent time in mountain ranges all over the US, Europe and New Zealand - but nothing felt more like to me than Jasper. You've expressed the beauty, spirit and essence of the place. Breathtaking.

    1. Thank you Dancing Antelope. Your mountain experience sounds wonderful! Jasper is very special indeed, I try to get there almost every year, what a treat!