Thread of Love

The last time I've seen my mother, she had an idea to sketch designs of flowers from my garden, and then embroider them on my clothes. I remember her amongst hydrangeas and rosebushes, engrossed with her task. She embroidered lovely wreaths around the hem of my jeans skirt and a linen blouse, and even a pocket of my husband's shirt received a tiny, silky rosebud.

My mother's embroidery

My mom wasn't very artsy, but she was very creative and she appreciated my artful efforts. Throughout her life, her true passion were needle and thread crafts. I have several large totes full of her crocheted, embroidered and knitted creations. She passed away in 2008, eight months after I've last seen her. We had talked on the phone every week, and she always asked about my paintings.

I wrote all this about my mother, because it explains why a call I got earlier this year, felt just right to me.

Kathy emailed me asking if she could use the design from one of my paintings, she'd seen on my web site, to create a quilt, which would then be auctioned off for her local fundraiser. Kathy makes the most amazing quilts based on designs from painting she likes. Here is her latest one, based on  my painting Edith Cavell Lake.

Art quilt by Kathy Bush

Kathy's auction is this Friday and I can't wait to find out where this gorgeous piece of art finds it's home.

Thank you Kathy for your beautiful work, and for helping me connect my art with my mother's passion.



  1. SUSANNAH PARANICH6 November 2014 at 10:09

    Tatjana, this is a touching story of your memory that speaks to my heart, because my own dear Mom was the same, as a very creative expert seamstress. The pattern was not made that she did not re-design and improve upon. I think we both got our creativity genes from our Mothers. Your Mom's embroidery is just exquisite and of course, twice valued and treasured now. Congrats on the art quilt collaboration from your painting image--it should be a very well received auction item.

    1. Thanks very much Susannah, I am so glad that we have these warm memories in common. I used to saw almost all my clothes when I was very young, and my mother kept bringing that up for years later. I wish I had your mother's pattern improvements. Perhaps I should dust off myold sawing machine. :-)